Epson 9900 proofers

Epson 9900 proofers

We have two inkjet: Epson 9800 & 9900 proofers that outputs accurate and consistent proofs for every print job. These proofers are capable of printing large format jobs of up to 43" in width.


  •     Digital Color proofing system
  •     With new 8-color ink technology
  •     Output up to 44" wide
  •     Resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi

1. Extreme Color Accuracy

With the wide color gamut of Epson UltraChrome HDR ink technology, EFI has optimized the entire color management system, while utilizing our unique Orange and Green inks. The result? Quite possibly the most color-accurate RIP ever developed for an Epson Stylus Pro printer.

2. Intelligent Color Calibration

Taking full advantage of the optional in-line spectrophotometer - Epson SpectroProofer, EFI automatically checks both printer linearization and ink limiting to ensure consistent color performance over time. Regardless of changes in printer ink, media, or environment, EFI can quickly bring your printer back into colorspecification automatically.

3. Automatic Color Optimization with 3CC Technology

Everyone knows how powerful the latest in Three-dimensional Color Correction files can be. But creating and maintaining them can take days of expensive personnel time. EFI has not only perfected the math behind 3CC files, but has made their creation completely automatic. With just a few simple clicks, Epson SpectroProofer will aggressively color-optimize any workflow, reducing the overall Delta-E to levels of color accuracy previously not possible.

4. Automatic Proof Verification Even for Spot Colors!

With Epson SpectroProofer, EFI has automated the individual proof verification process. Not only can you verify every proof using up to two different industry standard color charts, but with EFI DynamicWedgeâ„¢ technology, one of the verification bars can be automatically created using the exact colors within the file itself. And, with Automatic Proof Verification Labeling printed right on the proof, verifying 100% of your proofs is now a reality.

5. Enhanced Spot Color Simulation

Even for challenging spot colors, EFI has designed a new spot color management system, which automatically identifies the ideal output values to provide dead-on spot color accuracy. And, with complete support for custom spot colors, including transparencies and gradation curves, the most demanding spot color jobs can be proofed accurately.