Heidelberg Speedmaster 10 Color SM 102 Press

Heidelberg Speedmaster 10 Color SM 102 Press

Speedmaster SM 102: "Continual Leaps in Productivity"

This press was purchased primarily for its capability of printing four and five color jobs on both sides in a single pass through the machine.

The advantage for you as a customer is threefold.

First is faster turnaround of your jobs. When your job goes to press on this machine, it is ready for finishing (cutting, folding etc.) as soon as it is run as opposed to sitting around for a while waiting for the ink to dry so that it can be turned over and printed on the other side.

The second advantage is that the quality is improved as a result of its built in spectrophotometer which controls color. This unit compares the printed image to the digital image from prepress and makes its own ink corrections. Human intervention is not required and judgment (or the lack thereof) is eliminated.

A final advantage for you is that cost are reduced because of the reduction in labor, time and materials required to get the job on press, up to color and completed

A large spectrum of printing stock that can be processed on the Speedmaster SM 102. From lightweight paper with 65 gsm up to cardboard with 400 gsm.